What I want to get out of this class

I’m taking this class to learn how to create successful idea. At first, hen I signed up for the class, I thought that I would just learn about Business in general. However, during the first two classes. Andrew Fry made it really interesting by talking about how he created his own business after graduating from his bachelor degree.

We live in world where business is very important factor, and knowing what you need to do to accomplish a successful business is more important. Not having to wait on someone at the end of the month to pay you is exhilarating. In the near future, I would like to have my own company, and knowing how to achieve that is a must to have successful company. I hope that this class will help me acquire the knowledge needed to achieve this plan such as creating a excellent business plan for the company, knowing what kind of company  I want to create. Another important factor is need of your product. Finding investments by choosing who you want to go business, and wha…